Make Money From Home using The Power of Positive Tinkering!

Secrets of Selling Products on the Internet and Beat Amazon & Ebay!

This is a tutorial to Help You Create a Home Business based on your skills, hobbies, education, job experience and maybe even your “street smarts”. You will also see examples of how to overcome 10 mental blocks that stop most people from starting a home business!

How do I start a home business? 

​I want to work from home, but I am not interested in Multi Level Marketing or Chain Letter plans.

You will learn to use your skills, experience and maybe even your “street smarts” to create ideas using 7 unusual techniques. Anyone can use these techniques. You don’t have to be an engineer or computer whiz to use these techniques. Here are a few examples of what I did:

I took a popular game of skill (Jenga) and added one minor thing to it. Now it can become a profitable and fun Home Business.

​I looked at the history of the our revolution and created a board game similar to Monopoly which became another Home Business.

Are you a bicyclist? I took the standard spoke wrench and totally recreated it. That could be a new, easier way to tighten the spokes on your bike. The manufacturer of the tool could become a home business using 3D printing.  

My fun tutorial will show you how to use these techniques as well as giving you 75 or more examples! How to beat Amazon & Ebay is at the End of the Tutorial.

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My latest tutorial also includes home business ideas for hi-tech like Drones, Robotics and 3D Printing.

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