Dave worked in the computer field from 1960 to 2000 in many different capacities.

I’ve been retired for over 20 years. I started publishing a home business newsletter in 1976 called “Roman Reports”. I published this newsletter for 20 years which led to local workshops at Polaris Career Center and Lakeland Community College. The workshop was called “Fire Your Boss – Work at Home”.

I even had a local TV show on Cox Cable called “Home Made Money”. Since then I facilitated an online workshop at UDEMY.COM with over 10,000 students participating.

Now you can help me with your own ideas and possibly make a small commision if your idea is selected as described on the main page. Any questions? EMAIL me at daveroman24@gmail.com

Many people in their fifties and sixties who do not want to retire to “play” want to try their hand at a home business, but have no idea where to start.  Dave would love to help you create a home business using your skills, work experience, education and even your street smarts.